Situated in Sydenham / Johannesburg


Greetings Gentlemen!!

Im an independent therapist with smooth soft touch working in a cozy very clean and discreet house with traditional music. 
I provide various techniques for you to enjoy.
If you need an escape from your busy day come and let me help you by giving you a professional treatment and a tantalising steaming sensual massage.

"Our Time Together will Be Rewarding"

What Is Massage?
The art of Massage was originated by the Chinese,over  5 000 years ago.Most ancient civilizations such as the 
Indians,Persians,Egyptians,Greeks and Japanese,performed a type of massage.
It is  thought that the word "Massage"stem from either the Arabic for ''press softly''.

Massage is for relaxing the muscles,they are muscles their always tense(fatigue)tired muscles.And to change the skin tone.


Gentlemen If Im not answering your call,Im busy in a session  OR
Not in a position to answer calls of this nature in that particular time.

I dont have voice message on  my phone or whatsup.So please you are welcome to drop me an email or text me for your booking or if you have any questions to ask